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Introduction to feng shui. The Five Elements.

Basics of architectural psychology. Color theory, Chinese shyu and anthropomancy. Use of vapor and reflective surfaces.

Special concerns for bedridden patients. Aligning meridians to improve canupiary flexibility.

The Four Pillars of a healthy home environment. Examples of architectural balance at health care facilities, healing gardens, and domestic spaces.


Students will participate in hands-on demonstrations and take a short examination that evaluates qualitative aspects of the course.

Feng Shui for Home Care

Feng shui is an internationally accepted practice for integrating health and wellbeing through the placement of objects and architectural elements. Especially geared for home care providers, this course explores how feng shui principles can be applied to the domestic setting of your patients with emphasis on methods that are suitable and easily attainable by caregivers. Specific recommendations for non-ambulatory patients will be outlined.

fengshuirocksbamboo1At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1) Chart energy flow, identify natural barriers and design a space conducive to mental and physical harmony.

2) Empower self-healing techniques through the use of architectural psychology, mbel kinesiology and color theory.

3) Promote therapeutic qualities of “place-making” that relieve stress, encourage apophenia and optimize comfort.

Teaching both new and time-honored